Top 5 games Cuphead fans will love

Troy Zaher


Cuphead is a run-and-gun indie platformer that features a 1930s cartoon art style. The game was released last year and immediately exploded. Fans of the game were not only enthralled by the art and gameplay, but were equally captivated by the narrative and difficulty. After this game became a huge hit, it was difficult to find a game as enticing as Cuphead. Despite that, we’ve gathered a list of five games that will bring back your Cuphead memories!



Like Cuphead, Bleed is a combat/action-based platformer that’s colorful and fun. The levels are boss-based just like Cuphead as well. The big difference between the two is the combat/action type. While Cuphead follows a more run-and-gun approach, Bleed uses a variety of weapons and combat types.

Gunstar Heroes

If there is any game that will make you feel like you’re playing Cuphead again, it’s Gunstar Heroes. This game series has memorable dual protagonists and a plethora of interesting weapons with their own unique playstyle. The game follows the same type of platform run-and-gun gameplay that Cuphead has and it’s sure to be a favorite of those looking for something similar.

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Cuphead has many iconic and memorable bosses, mostly because of how difficult each one is to beat. Similarly, Furi is a game entirely made up of boss fights, each more memorable than the last. The gameplay and graphics are a bit different; Furi being a 3D hack-and-slash shoot ‘em up, rather than the 2D run-and-gun that Cuphead is. Regardless, the feeling of focusing on one boss at a time and working really hard to beat them is noticeable in both.

Mega Man

The Mega Man series is probably the closest AAA game to Cuphead. It follows a similar formula by being a 2D platform shooter, based entirely around boss dungeons. It doesn’t match Cuphead in difficulty or aesthetic, but if you’re interested in the gameplay and “leveling” or “upgrading” system that Cuphead uses, then Mega Man is perfect for you.

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Super Meat Boy

When Cuphead first rose to popularity, it was typically compared to Super Meat Boy. This is because they are both indie platformers with incredible difficulty levels. While Cuphead’s gameplay is comparable to Mega Man, Super Meat Boy is more similar to the Super Mario Bros. franchise.  If you’re looking for a platformer to match the difficulty of Cuphead, then you won’t find anything better than Super Meat Boy.

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Still looking for more? Our Softonic Solutions community has made their own list of games similar to Cuphead. Be sure to check it out for more great games and share your ideas!

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